Your Business Broadcast 24/7 to Potential Customers

Market your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology

Every Android Phone in 100 Yards

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Target all Android Users within 100 Yards of your beacon

Rapid Response

Instantly reach Thousands of potential buyers based on where you are.

Many Uses

Use to promote any type of business or offer you have.

Billboard Visibility

Will be in their phones notification bar. Virtually guaranteed to see it

Cutting Edge Technology

First time offering of existing technology for small entrepreneur use

Customers Love Deals

Place a great offer to generate tons of traffic. Your great service makes them a lifetime customer.


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"I got over 1100 clicks while it was being shipped to me.”"


"Went to eat at a friends restaurant. All night long customers were ordering the special off my beacon."


"I’m gonna put one of these is every service truck I have. Ill have an army of marketers getting my message to all the neighbors when we do work."



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What is Proximity/Beacon/Gem Marketing?

A mobile, battery powered, wireless device that broadcasts a signal to all phones within proximity of the device.


How does it work?

The beacon send the signal out 24/7. When a phone comes into the radius of the beacon a message is seen into the notification bar.


What can I use this for?

The skys the limit. Restaurants can market their food, Realtors can market their listings. Service companies can market their services. Even works for Network marketing or info products. Anything you can imagine!


Can I sell these myself?

Heck yea you can! You can sign up as an affiliate and promote the product yourself and earn. You can even use the “beacon” to market your new “beacon business”!


How much does it cost?

How much is it worth to get your business in front of hundreds or thousands of people at a time? $200? $500?
$1000? What if you could get started for only $25/mo


How many can I get?

As many as you want!